What Are the Most Frequently Disavowed Domains, URLs, IPs and ccTLDs? DisavowFiles.com


1.8 trillion disavowed URLs later

In June 2015, Bruce Clay launched DisavowFiles.com. Our goal was to create a easy to use tool that allows you to see whether or not other webmasters are disavowing a site.

DisavowFiles is a free, crowdsourced project. Upload your disavow files to the database, see what domains have been disavowed by others, in turn. It’s a community project that everyone is invited to participate in to put the power of disavow transparency back into SEOs’ hands.

There’s been lots to learn along the way.

Since release we’ve captured a lot of data. To date we have:

  • 1,840,287,252,622 disavowed URLs
  • 13,997,396 disavowed domains

This is a lot of data from the SEO community so, we thought we’d say thank you by sharing some crucial information about the disavow files that have been uploaded.


Top 10 Domain Wide Disavows

The following are the top ten domain wide disavows across all disavow files that were submitted.

  1. http://prlog.ru
  2. http://topalternate.com
  3. http://askives.com
  4. http://m.biz
  5. http://the-globe.com
  6. http://theglobe.net
  7. http://theglobe.org
  8. http://stuffgate.com
  9. http://webstatsdomain.org
  10. http://dig.do
  11. http://mrwhatis.net

Top 20 URL Level Disavows

The following are the top twenty URL-level disavows across all disavow files.

  1. http://prlog.ru
  2. http://topalternate.com
  3. http://similarpages.com
  4. http://askives.com
  5. http://vnseo.com
  6. http://stuffgate.com
  7. http://webstatsdomain.org
  8. http://findeen.co.uk
  9. http://botw.org
  10. http://boxwind.com
  11. http://wopular.com
  12. http://popular.jp0.ru
  13. http://ppfinder.com
  14. http://busi-wiki.com
  15. http://siterow.com
  16. http://5go.cc
  17. http://webstats7.net
  18. http://trafficip.com
  19. http://keywordslanding.net
  20. http://ygaskme.com

Top 15 Disavowed IPs

The following are the top fifteen disavowed IPs:


Most Disavowed ccTLDs (Domain Level)

The following are most disavowed ccTLDs on the domain-wide level:

  1. .com
  2. .net
  3. .info
  4. .ru
  5. .uk
  6. .pl
  7. .de
  8. .biz
  9. .nl
  10. .us

Most Disavowed ccTLDs (URL Level)

The following are most disavowed ccTLDs on the URL level:

  1. .com
  2. .net
  3. .uk
  4. .info
  5. .pl
  6. .de
  7. .au
  8. .cn
  9. .ru
  10. .nl

Good Sites People Disavowed

Sometimes good links can get listed on a disavow file, and that’s dangerous according to Google.

Below is the number of times people disavowed non-malicious sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Site URL Level Domain Level
google.com 73 25
bing.com 1 3
yahoo.com 89 70
facebook.com 25 6
twitter.com 3 2

Obviously our data doesn’t include everything out there on the web, but it is still interesting to see what people are disavowing.

What’s Next for Disavow Files?

Googler Gary Illyes recommends judicious use of disavow files, saying that disavows can directly impact SEO.

We hope you will use the tool to gather insight on your disavow data and provide intelligence to the community. Upload your disavow files at DisavowFiles.com.

*Disclaimer: This article is not an instructional piece giving information about which sites to disavow. Our only aim is to provide the SEO community with insight about the common tendencies of disavow files. Bruce Clay, Inc. recommends that all the domains you elect to disavow be reviewed and approved by an SEO expert prior to submitting to search engines.

About the Author

Ryon Flack is an SEO Analyst at Bruce Clay, Inc. He is a passionate autodidact, always enjoys learning new things, and hopes to one day write a book about the intricacies of digital marketing and business. Connect with Ryon on social by visiting the links on his author page.