Unwrapping New SEO Tools That Save You Money: SEOToolSet 6.1


We have a new set of tools that, once you use them, should make you a better SEO.

They save time, identify issues, help with ranking and more. And the subscription price is the real present …

Unwrapping the new SEOToolSet 6.1 tools

The SEOToolSet is highly developed, advanced SEO software

We’ve always built SEO tools.

From that day in 1996 when Bruce Clay programmed the first computerized deep page analysis tool, we’ve invested in tools that help SEOs analyze web pages faster and improve search engine rankings more effectively.

Last week our in-house development team polished its newest release: SEOToolSet 6.1.

Bruce Clay, Inc. 20th anniversary logo

Bruce Clay developed the first deep page analysis tool 20 years ago — the same year he founded the company.

It’s no coincidence that the same year we’re updating our sixth-generation SEO tools, we’re also celebrating our 20th anniversary as a company.

That’s because good SEO takes tools. Good tools. It just isn’t possible to analyze the boatloads of data required to run campaigns and optimize websites without effective tools.

Have tools already? You can use these also to validate and learn more than ever before!

The best-kept secret: The price

There are companies in the digital marketing industry that wholly focus on selling their tools. These tool providers have to:

  • Charge high fees to cover all their expenses,
  • Spend a lot of effort marketing their tools, and
  • Add more bells and whistles regularly just to stay competitive.

These same platforms may require year-long contracts, high monthly fees, and a menu of a la carte options for extra features you can add on for an additional fee.

Our tools are different.

Tool sales are not our bread and butter. We build our tools specifically to serve our own analysts’ needs. They use the SEOToolSet for analysis and reporting as they provide SEO results for our consulting clients.

That means any tools sales we make are gravy. We do not need to charge tools subscribers to cover the operation of the company, nor to subsidize an army of free subscriptions! That’s why the price of our SEO tool set can’t be beat.

Here’s the deal.

With SEOToolSet 6.1, pricing is as simple as can be. There’s just one subscription level. Just one low monthly fee. And no commitment needed.

A subscription costs only $24.95 per month, per project. You can cancel at any time. And if you decide within the first 30 days that SEOToolSet is not for you, you get your $24.95 back. And if you want to run our integrated Ranking Monitor, there is a minimal fee to cover that incremental cost.

We think you’ll improve your SEO using tools “made by SEOs, for SEOs” — and pay less at the same time!

With all the noise out there from competing vendors, it’s no wonder our tools are our best-kept secret. But we are choosing to share our competitive advantage and deep analysis tools with you. We’re thinking that SEOToolSet 6.1’s new pricing might just help the secret get out.

Why not try our SEO tools for yourself — with a risk-free 30-day full refund, how can you not?

Sign up for a risk-free subscription here or read about SEOToolSet features to learn more.