Mother’s Day 2017 Google doodle celebrates all moms – even cactus moms


It’s Mother’s Day, and Google is honoring moms today with an animated image on its homepage of a cactus mom raising her mini-cacti.

While most all of Google’s doodles spell out G-O-O-G-L-E, my kids and I couldn’t find it in today’s animated image. After spending 10-minutes searching for the ‘Google’ in the Mother’s Day logo, the closest we came was a slight letter “L” in the fifth panel of the image:

The doodle leads to a search for “Mother’s Day 2017” and includes the usual sharing icon so that it can be posted on social feeds or sent via email.

From one mom to all the other mom’s out there, Search Engine Land hopes you get to spend the day doing exactly what you want to do. Happy Mother’s Day!