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The KHTS Marketing department, which now acts as a full service advertising agency in Santa Clarita, can plan and execute complete social media campaigns for their clients to meet a variety of goals.

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“All of social media is extremely important,” said Station Co-Owner Carl Goldman, listing platforms like Facebook and Instagram as key for businesses.

“We’ve been doing Facebook for quite some time so we have a strong following there,” he continued. “Anyone can do their own Facebook of course, but what we bring to the party is that we can create ways to really build up their Facebook with the right people.”

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By utilizing the KHTS Facebook page’s reach to 23,000-plus organic Santa Clarita followers, the KHTS Marketing team can direct potential customers to clients’ Facebook pages as well.

“These are not people that have been bought to get on your Facebook page, these are people who truly are interested who come from this geographic area,” Goldman explained. “Facebook is a great way to connect.”

Recently, an advertising company service KHTS Marketing has focused its attention on is the use of Instagram to promote clients.

“We think that’s going to be one of the biggest of the social media side,” Goldman said. “As Facebook continues to mature, we really feel Instagram will be that next piece in there that will be very, very important to have as part of your social media strategy, so it’s becoming a big piece of our social media strategy.”

While KHTS Marketing is currently in early partnerships to discover the vast potential benefits of social media marketing on Instagram, Goldman noted interested businesses can stay tuned in the next few months to see what the advertising agency is able to create from it.

“Over the next few months as we develop some success stories with it, we’ll be taking it out on a much richer, deeper level than we are right now,” Goldman said.


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Since KHTS first launched back in 1990, it has become a full service advertising agency specializing in Santa Clarita Search Engine Optimization. The KHTS Marketing department acts as a unique advertising companythat utilizes the airwaves,, daily newsletters that go out to more than 34,000 local residents, the KHTS Home and Garden Show and much more to promote clients. Businesses interested in taking their companies to the next level can utilize KHTS as a full service marketing agency, with a individualized strategy created just for them. Considered the Santa Clarita SEO masters, KHTS is the premier marketing company in the Santa Clarita Valley and beyond.

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