Google AMP results in Google News more than doubles



A report from RankRanger, a toolset that tracks the Google results, shows that the AMP results shown in the Google News section for mobile users has more than doubled in the past several days. A week or so ago, AMP content was showing in Google News for about 30% of the news results. Now it is more than double that in the Google News US based mobile section, with 70% of the news results returning AMP content.

Mordy Oberstein from RankRanger said “the number of AMP optimized news articles appearing within Google’s Top Stories on mobile has skyrocketed across the globe.”

On January 25,2016, RankRanger reported about 30% of mobile Google News box results in the US showing as AMP. On January 29th that number hit 70%.


Here is a chart showing the rollout and increase by country:


It is unclear if this is a glitch or a change in the algorithm where Google is showing more AMP for mobile users in Google News. We have sent a request to learn more about this change to Google.