Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How Co-Creation is Fueling The Future of Marketing

Co-creation and collaborative marketing can be an effective way to boost your brand presence. Here's how it works.

Facebook's Testing Discussion Topics in Groups

Facebook's testing a new discussion topics tool in Groups to help better categorize areas of discussion.

Facebook’s Changing the Way Post Edits are Displayed

Facebook's making it harder to see when a post has been edited.

Content Marketing Predictions for 2017 from 5 Top Influencers [Video]

What do the top content marketing predict well see in 2017? Contributor Joei Chan sought to find out.

Social Media Customer Service Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

Now more than ever, customers are channeling their issues through social media.

Pinterest Has a New System to Show More Relevant Related Pins

Pinterest has upgraded their Related Pins recommendation system to improve relevancy and context.

3 Big Reasons to Invest in Data Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing has the potential significantly improve your outreach process - when used correctly.

The Importance of a 'Client Facing' LinkedIn Profile Headline

Your LinkedIn headline is a key element in how you're found on the platform.

Snapchat’s Adding a New Search Bar, a First Step Towards Improved Search Functionality

Snapchat's adding a new search bar to help users better navigate their contacts.

YouTube Releases ‘Super Chat’ Live-Stream Payment Option – The Next Step for Live?

YouTube has announced a new live-stream payments tool which could be the start of the next big live-stream trend.

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