Friday, November 24, 2017

Facebook Expands Test of Facebook Stories, Their Next Big Snapchat Clone

Facebook is expanding the test pool for its next big Snapchat clone - Stories within the main Facebook app.

The Difference Between Inbound and Content Marketing Explained [Infographic]

Inbound marketing and content marketing are not the same. Contributor Bob Carver explains in this post.

Social Customer Service: Lessons from 5 of Our Favorite Brands

Here are some great examples of how big brands approach customer social care - and what you can learn from them.

How Online Reviews Can Make or Break Your Business [Infographic]

This infographic outlines the challenges and importance of online reputation management.

7 Great SEO Tips To Make Your Writing Snap And Crackle

Here are some quick, simple tips to improve the quality of your content, and thus, your SEO performance.

The Best Times to Post to the Top 8 Social Platforms [Infographic]

This new infographic outlines the general best times to post to the major social platforms to maximize audience response.

How to use Effective Targeting to Reach Your Social Media Audience

To conduct an advertising campaign worthy of your budget, you first need to understand who, exactly, you're trying to reach. 

SMTLive Roundup: Messenger Madness

Here's a roundup of our Messenger Madness #SMTLive Twitter chat where we discussed messengers and bots in social media marketing.

Facebook Releases New Report on Changing TV Consumption Behaviors

Why is every social network trying to become more TV-like? This new report from Facebook highlights the wider TV shift.

Who’s on Snapchat: The Changing Demographic of the Yellow Ghost

Snapchat is often dubbed the social network of choice for teenagers, but it’s easy to forget that there are other age groups also snapping....

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