Sunday, May 28, 2017

3 Extremely Bold Predictions for Social Media in 2017

Here are three bold predictions for the social media landscape in 2017.

How ANSYS Showcases Their Employees’ Expertise on Social [Podcast]

In a new Social Business Engine podcast, Bernie Borges speaks with Sandy Adam, Global Social Media Marketing Manager at ANSYS.

6 Predictions for Content Marketing in 2017

Contributor Lilach Bulloch offers her predictions for content marketing in 2017.

LinkedIn Adds ‘Conversation Starters’ Prompts to Messaging

LinkedIn has added a new tool to their messaging system which provides ideas on how to initiate interactions with other members.

Instagram Adds New Community Safety Tools, Including the Ability to Switch off Comments

Instagram has announced a new set of features to give users more control over their on-platform experience.

From Instagram to WhatsApp: A Timeline of Facebook's Acquisitions [Infographic]

Facebook has acquired more than 60 companies since 2005. This infographic lists all of them. 

New Research Shows That Facebook Users Live Longer. Kind of.

Does having a bigger network on Facebook help you live longer? Facebook conducted research to find out.

What's the Difference Between Buyer Personas and Demographics?

Many people confuse personas with demographics - and there's an important distinction between the two.

30 Reasons Why Video is THE Medium for Social In 2017 [Infographic]

This infographic looks the growth of video in 2016, and projections for it's increased use in 2017

5 Small Business Trends To Prepare for in 2017

The new year is nearly upon us, which means you need to start planning for the next big trends.

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