Monday, September 25, 2017

The Truth About Facebook Group Marketing

Facebook groups may not be the best place to push your marketing messages, but there are other options to consider.

4 Demographic Metrics that can Make or Break Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook targeting can help you hone in on just the right audience. Here are some targeting metrics worth considering.

Twitter @Replies Are No Longer Counted in Your 140 Characters – Here's How it...

Twitter has unveiled it's new @replies system - and not everyone's happy with the updated process.

Facebook's Experimenting with Alternate News Feed to Boost Content Discovery

Facebook is testing an alternate, topic-based News Feed, which could prove beneficial for marketers.

Periscope Adds New Analytics Tools, Ability to Watch Periscopes in Moments

Periscope has added some new analytics tools and functions to help broadcasters maximize their opportunities.

8 Things I Learned About Marketing from Social Media Marketing World 2017

Contributor Dan Gingiss shares eight important notes he took from Social Media Marketing World 2017.

Instagram Opens Stories Ads to All Advertisers Globally

Instagram has announced that Stories ads are now available to all businesses globally.

9 Keys to Truly Excellent Facebook Marketing

These nine keys will ensure that you’re engaging with users, posting great content, and maximizing your opportunities on The Social Network.

21 Actionable Tips To Make Your Content More Attractive [Infographic]

This infographic provides 21 actionable tips that can help make your content more attractive, shareable and ‘clickable'.

How to Switch off Notifications in LinkedIn

Sick of all those LinkedIn notifications about birthdays? Here's how to switch them off.

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