Friday, July 20, 2018

28 Experts Share Social Care Predictions for 2017: Part 3

What's coming next in social customer care? Dan Gingiss interviewed 27 experts.

Social Advocacy and Politics: Earned Media vs. Self-Publishing for Public Affairs

Self-publishing is now a much more viable option for boosting your key messages, as outlined in this post from Alan Rosenblatt.

Facebook Adds New Display Options for Dynamic Ads to Improve Retargeting

Facebook's adding some new tools to enhance their Dynamic retargeting ads.

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Streamline Customer Service

How can you utilize social media to improve your customer service and experience? Here are four ideas to get you started

15 Reasons Why Brand Advocacy is the Bedrock of Your Business [Infographic]

Brand advocates represent a major marketing opportunity - this infographic lays out some key data on advocacy and its potential.

4 Types of Digital Marketing Shams to be Wary of

A comprehensive digital marketing plan often requires expert help - but when you do go looking, be wary of these types of operators. 

4 Free SEO Checker Tools That Don't Suck [Video]

Contributor AJ Ghergich takes a look at four SEO checker tools in a new video post. 

A Guide to Visual Content for Social Media [Infographic]

Here are some key tips to help make your visual elements stand out on social networks. 

Google’s Launched a New Data Visualization Tool, With GIFs as a Presentation Option

Google has launched a new data visualization tool to help highlight relevant points.

Skype Adds Snapchat-Like Features to Keep Up with Messaging Trends

Even Microsoft-owned Skype is looking to add in Snapchat style functionality.

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