Monday, September 24, 2018

3 Mind Hacks for Overcoming Your Fear of Marketing Yourself

Take it one step at a time. You get nowhere until you put yourself out there.

Why Choosing the Right Words for Your Marketing Campaign Can Be More Important Than...

Don't waste your cash on flashy advertising campaigns that don't convert.

Becoming a Brand: Here’s How to Market Your Startup Well Before You Launch.

If you build it, they will (probably not) come. What you have to do well in advice, to market your entrepreneurial field of dreams. ...

5 Psychological Reasons ‘Social Proof’ Beats Everything Else in Marketing

You've heard of 'social proof' before, right? If not, read up -- your brand's target audience craves it. ...

Why Your Approach to A/B Testing Is Costing You Sales

If you're not combining your tests with personalization efforts, you're doing it wrong.

Why Word-of-Mouth Marketing Matters (Infographic)

Here's why it's important to get people chatting about your brand.

Refreshing Your Brand Doesn’t Mean Starting Over

There are ways to make impactful changes that resonate with your customers without starting from scratch.

Do You Stink at Ecommerce Content Marketing? Find Inspiration in These 6 Big-Name Brands.

The strategies used by Etsy, Mercedes-Benz, JetBlue (and a brand called The Elephant Pants) can give you some good ideas. ...

How Your Company’s Logo Influences Purchase Decisions

Square? Circular? Geometric? Organic? These elements actually communicate different things. Be sure you know what those are.

Don’t Dread the 1-Star Review — Capitalize on It

Customers don't trust a business with only perfect reviews.

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